【Webinar】Arbitration: The “New Normal” in International Commercial Dispute Resolution

Date/Time February 25, 2021
Speakers Masafumi Kodama, Jiri Mestecky, Masataka Shitanishi, Brent Caslin Esq., Miwa Shoda Esq., Laura MacDonald Esq., Mr. Shinji Ogawa
Sponsor Jointly sponsored by Jenner & Block LLP, JCAA and Kitahama Partners
Practice Areas International Practice, Dispute Resolution, International Dispute Resolution (Arbitration and Mediation)

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a profound impact on all aspects of modern life, including international commercial dispute resolution. Court closings, delayed legal proceedings, and difficulties associated with travel and meetings have made traditional litigation more time-consuming, costly and ineffective, especially in the US. Therefore, parties to international commercial legal disputes must now find alternative means of resolving such disputes, and arbitration, with its flexibility as to location, schedule, cost sharing, language, technology, means of holding hearings, and other important factors has become an even more attractive option. In this Webinar, attorneys from the prestigious law firms specializing in international dispute resolution, Kitahama Partners and Jenner & Block, as well as a representative of the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association (JCAA), will discuss arbitration as the “New Normal” in resolving international commercial disputes, including topics such as

  1. Why Arbitration Post-COVID 19? (Efficiency, Flexibility, Cost)
  2. How to Effectively Conduct Arbitration Going Forward (Sample Arbitration Clauses, COVID-19 Influence, Checklist)
  3. Technical Aspects of Arbitration (Rules and Guidance of Remove Hearing, Key Issues)

Participants will also receive Webinar materials prepared by the speakers in advance and will also be able to submit questions for the speakers to address.

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